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We supply our customers with a wide range of machined castings and forgings of various sizes, quantities and materials.

We also supply a large number of high quality critical machined parts, oxycut, gear cut, stamping, sinter, plastic parts and assemblies.




We do

– Iron castings with core box or not in grey or ductile iron for parts from 0.5 kg to 200 Kg (FG 250, GJS 700-2…).

– Aluminum casting in any grade by gravity or injection / pressure die casting, impregnation, leakage test.

– Forging: any grade of steel by cold or hot forging on hammer or power press from 0.5 kg to 50 Kg (S355, 16MnCr5, C40, 42CrMo4…).

– All our parts are machined using latest machine tools reaching 10 microns accuracy.

We also do

– Press parts, welding, sinter parts, plasma and laser cutting, EDM, rolling, VMC 5th axis, gear cutting, balancing, bending,plastic machining, plastic injection, assemblies.

– Heat treatments: Quenching + tempering, induction hardening.

– Surface treatments: Zinc plating, Zinc Nickel, anodizing, liquid & gas nitriding (Arcor, Nitrotec…), catophoretic painting, spray painting,powder coating, embrittlement.

– Tests: Any metallurgical test, X Ray, ultrasonic, leakage.

All our parts are ROHS compliant.